Requisition Template

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department Purchase Order Requisition System is currently open. To access the requisition template, click the image on the left or navigate to:

In order to accommodate funds for all the necessities required in our CTE programs, a Program Evaluation, Budget Needs, and Inventory Assessment must have been previously submitted and approved by the CTE Director.


Purchase requests are created electronically and prenumbered through the ALIO Finance System. Requisitions are entered by the campus/department secretary or clerk and approved by the Budget Manager, i.e. Principal or Department Administrator who has evaluated the need for the goods or services. The requisition undergoes an approval chain through respective program funding. Requisitions over $5,000 require approval from the Assistant Superintendent for Administration & Finance. Requisitions over $25,000 require approval from the Superintendent of Schools. All requisitions require final approval from the Purchasing Department. Please refer to the Purchase Order Requisition Approval Process flowchart for a detailed illustration. Hard copies of purchase orders are issued to requesting campus/department for vendor processing and respective payment upon receipt of goods and services. Original supporting documentation shall be kept on file at the requesting campus/department location. Only authorized ALIO Finance System users have access to their respective campus/department requisitions, purchase orders and budget accounts. The Purchasing & Warehouse Operations Department maintains and archives the district purchase order log.


Pre-planning is critical when entering requisitions. Disapproval or delay in last minute purchases can be avoided by pre-planning accordingly. Please note that unforeseen circumstances may occur. Also, keep in mind that certain accounts require online approval at various administrative levels before reaching final approval by the Purchasing Department.


Please ensure all required information is in place prior to entering requisitions to avoid delays in the approval process. This includes purchasing compliance, correct vendor, description, account, approver authorization, etc. Requisitions will be deleted from the system after 30 calendar days upon date of entry.


Requisitions must include the full description of all items and services being procured. For example, if a requisition is being processed for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the word “book” needs to be typed next to the title of the book. The same applies to worksheets, manipulatives, posters, computers, computer hardware, software, incentives, etc. Please be sure to use proper spelling, as any information on purchase orders is a direct reflection of our district.


include, but are not limited to the following examples:

  • Office decorations

  • Coffee and food for office

  • Flowers/birthday gifts for employees

  • Christmas cards/birthday cards

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Food for students that is not allowable as per Child Nutrition guidelines


La Joya I.S.D. Purchasing Policy (Legal and Local) must be observed without deviation. Please reference the La Joya I.S.D. Policy Online. Related sections include, but are not limited to (CH, CBB, CAA, DBD).