Our programs will engage every student in high-quality, rigorous and relevant educational pathways and programs to turn their passions into paychecks — their dreams into careers. 


Provide industry-linked programs and services that enable all individuals to reach their career goals in order to achieve economic self-sufficiency, compete in the global marketplace and contribute to the nation’s economic prosperity.

State Goals for Career & Technical Education (CTE):

Each public school student shall master the basic skills and knowledge necessary for:
  • Managing the dual roles of family member and wage earner
  • Gaining entry-level employment in a high-skill, high wage job or continuing the student’s education at the post-secondary level. TEA 29.181 

Achieve Texas Initiative

The Achieve Texas Initiative is designed to help students (and their parents) make wise education choices. It is based on the belief that the curricula of the 21st century should combine rigorous academics with relevant career education. When schools integrate academic and technical education, students can see the “usefulness” of what they are learning. The system also facilitates a seamless transition from secondary to postsecondary opportunities.

Achieve Texas uses the sixteen federally defined career clusters of the States’ Career Clusters initiative (www.careerclusters.org), as the foundation for restructuring how schools arrange their instructional programs. A career cluster is a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. The sixteen career clusters provide an organizing tool for schools, small learning communities, academies, and magnet schools. Programs of Study (POS) have been developed for each of the career clusters. The POS represent a recommended sequence of coursework based on a student’s interest or career goal.